Monday, November 5, 2012

The Old Chapel Record

I am overjoyed to share with you The Old Chapel Record by my best friend, Cliff Hutchison. Its been fascinating to see these songs birthed and developed over the past few years. I'm so proud of Cliff and love his music so much. I'm sure you will too.

Cliff's BioLike the blues, Cliff Hutchison was born and raised in the North Mississippi delta. At an early age he discovered a love for music that has been a light to his feet ever since. Like the delta musicians before him, Cliff's music has reflected his life: joy and pain, lament and praise, love and loss. 

He is the second of three sons raised by a tough-as-nails but sweet-as-sugar mom. While possessing
 an adventurer's spirit that has taken him across the globe, Cliff has remained firmly rooted in the fertile soil of his Southern heritage. His travels have taken him all over the South, Australia, Colorado, and finds him now in Little Rock, AR.

This journey for Cliff has been one of both great reward and suffering. “Much of my recent music seems to have been birthed out of leaving places and people that I’ve fallen in love with. However, I would never trade the friendships and the new experiences in those places for anything. It’s always worth it. This has also been a very spiritual journey for me as I’ve searched for my identity within the Church and spent much time reflecting on home. These are the ideas, emotions, and experiences that you hear on “The Old Chapel Record”.”

As he looks forward down the road, Cliff is aware that he doesn't travel alone. And as he looks back, he realizes that he never has.

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